Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dox or STFU

"Dox or STFU" is a motto used by Anonymous that is supposed to mean that if someone makes a claim, he owes to back it up or shut up.

While they certainly do require Scientologists to abide by this moto, I have rarely if ever seen them abiding by it themselves. OTOH, I have seen them not doing it, just not long time ago for example when they were claiming that the COS does not recognize autism or does not allow medication for seizures.

Now here is the latest example, and I think it is quite an illustrative one.

Check this post from WhyWeBWAAAAAAAAA.

The claim being made there (that ""Scientology had obtained and distributed personal medical information from the private health records of AGP and Happy Smurf") is not supported by any valid evidence at all (see the related blog entries below). This does not prevent them from actively spreading that rumor, and declare that people like me who say nothing else than "where are the dox?" engage in "Sclion Spin-control".

What better proof do we need that although Anonymous brags about "dox or STFU" they don't apply it to themselves?

Is there even a single anon in this thread questioning the claim?

As you can see, their aim in trying to get this rumor to go "viral" (pun pun), is not just to spread the rumor but also to "bury the scilon propaganda as well".

So there you have it, "dox or STFU" is "propaganda" when applied to them...

PS - BTW they don't seem very good at trying to bury dissent. I type "Scientology HIV+" and my blog entry is right there at the Nr1 spot in the Google web search. How it works I don't know but I learned over the years that the best way to deal with Google is just to be honest and not try to fiddle with ranking. Google algorithms are damn smart! They may even have something that offsets the many dishonest Anonymous strategies. Anonymous having messed up Google trend in the past certainly must have given Google second thought about them Anonymous...

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christopher combs
albuquerque, New Mexico US
engineer Lead Tech 4
heather douglas

this is a particularly relentless couple of scientologists who have been following us and taking pictures etc ... the are mad coz we infitrated one of their classes