Saturday, January 17, 2009

Success of 'Valkyrie' Proves Critics Wrong

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Thinking back at the risk of getting this movie out in Christmas and all it involved, I continue to be stunned by the success it has on the contrary encountered. I mean, compare what I wrote back in Dec. 1 and this kind of article:

It's already earned more than $72 million in the United States, which means "Valkyrie" is far from the flop many critics predicted it would become.

The film, which cost a reported $90 million to produce (director Bryan Singer has pegged it at closer to $75 million) and perhaps more than half that to market it, has performed solidly if not quite spectacularly at the box office.

"The fact that it's still attracting filmgoers totally robs the naysayers of their ability to deem it a flop, because it's not," said Paul Dergarabedian, president of box-office tracker Media By Numbers. "It does show the renewed star power of Tom Cruise."

And it's only starting. Believe me, because I do know a thing or two on this topic, the star power of cruise in Asian and other foreign continent is tremendous. And doesn't he look just amazing? I know my friend Rebecca is not going to agree with me on this one but I think at 46 he almost looks better than he ever did. The photo above was taken during his very recent visit to Seoul, Korea, promoting the movie. His look alone will be reason enough for 80% of Asean to go and see the film. As to whether or not they will get into the historical intricacies of the film, I am not sure. Often times I find myself having to explain where Europe is, and that no, Brussels is not very far from Belgium!

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