Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Proof of Magoo Censorship

It happened again. One "gaxeviw" posted four messages in the comments section of Magoo's channel. These were not spam, not offensive, just three direct addresses to comments posted by other posters, and pointing to the discrepancy between what she says and her affidavit. Here is a screen shot after the first three messages (click on the picture for a bigger rendition):

Try to find these messages now. She just deleted them!

The fourth message, that was only dealing with some question about religion and not pointing to the discrepancy between Magoo's current claim and her affidavit, is still there. This is how it looks now:
The order is slightly different because, apparently, Youtube reorganizes the comments after a while, putting replies under the posts that were replied to, rather than concentrating on top. Or maybe this is not done automatically, I don't know. You can see on this picture that the comment of gaxeviw, the fourth one that did not point to magoo's inconsistencies, is still there, now as a reply to the message that was addressed. However, the three other messages are not there anymore. They have been deleted by "free speech" Magoo.

See below an example of Youtube (automatic) reorganization. The Magoo comment you see in the first picture, which was the last message in replies she made to herself, is now indeed below the message she replied to, on the last position:

You may think that they are now under the messages that were replied to rather than at the top, but it is not the case. You can make a search on the string from the original message replied to, and you will find the message without gaxeviw reply underneath. Check it out.
Messages by one "FreedomDignity", who also questioned her on that subject, were not deleted, but those from gaxeviw were, as where those by two previous accounts, which she also blocked from posting again, just like she banned gaxeviw too.

Remember this the next time you'll see Magoo carrying her "CoS is against free speech" sign!

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