Monday, February 9, 2009

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is what we make it out to be. There certainly is an intrinsic beauty, I believe, that exists on its own and on its own plane, but here down it only comes out if we project it. It is an outcome of our own being, and only if we are able to make our being radiate will we really perceive it. It's as if there was a sort of light we could project on things that would reveal their beauty to us. Creation is the ultimate expression of beauty, and that says something about the active component that is part of it.

I realized this as I was walking yesterday in my neighborhood. Obviously, after many years of living in this environment I supposedly know it. Well... no so... I was walking yesterday in what I would describe as the "spirit of giving". It's just a spirit, and just a name for it, but I use it to describe a state where something emanates from the core of your own being, something deeply creative. Well, it's like it was a new environment. They were thousands things that just appeared as if they were never there before, and yet, of course they were always there. It was almost an enchanted paradise, and yet it just was my own neighborhood which I've known for years... I can only explain this as that something that came out of me was just reflected back and things in my environment sort of "came alive" through it.

I am also reminded of an other event. I once worked in an environment that was not really nice. The offices were a bit old and certainly not up to the standard an upscale office would be. Surprisingly, it turned out to be one of the nicest office I ever saw. Why? Because people were trying to compensate for the grayness of their environment. The kind of stuff they were coming up with were quite amazing. They displayed a lot of creativity and every office you walked into was like a different universe. It turned the whole building as a sort of enchanted paradise too, not because of the building itself, obviously, but because of what people put out to enhance it...

So again, IMHO, we do not need to seek out beauty. It just will come to us, wherever we are, on the condition we can create it - create it through the quality of our own being.

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