Monday, February 9, 2009

Hilarious Video from Gerry Armstrong

YouTube - Gerry talks to David Miscavige February 5, 2009

Having failed to respond adequately to RoadRunner's challenge about the Affirmations, Amrstrong has now made a hilarious video in which he admonishes Miscavige to publish the original to vindicate him!
"Recently there has been an incredible attack by people who are, I believe without any doubt whatsoever, your agents, your people, certainly who are serving your interests, who are trying to cast some doubts on the authenticity of LRH admissions". [...]
"David, you must! You know that this attack that is going on on me, a pointless but very threatening, very insane attack, you can resolve it." [...]
"you know that Hubbard was involved in your cult, and the admissions contain the admission that he was involved in your cult and that you are involved in your cult"
Besides such statements being nuts, I very much doubt Miscavigue was even of this world in 1946.

Not only does Armstrong urge Miscavige to publish the documents to validade his accusations, he also says miscavige has a responsibility to publish them because "it is the most significant Scientology scripture and will help people go free... free from Scientology and from LRH the slaver and from you the slaver"!

I am sure Miscavige will be deeply touched by such a message... and will come to Gerry's help because of course he is eternally grateful to Armstrong for having stolen $800,000 from the CoS.

Never mind the crazyness of that tape, it is of course praised by Shallonymous:
"Well Spoken Gerry! I will help to mirror the video. " [...]

"any info on what this "current" attack on Gerry is? " [...]
"i have a suspicion... not entirely sure this is correct but 1-2 weeks prior to this video there was posts on a.r.s showing up doing a piss poor job of trying to debunk the admissions. none of the ones i skimmed were of any real substance... barely more than spam imho."
Mind you, there is at least one anon who is now asking questions. Some snippets:
B: "Also i don't understand why the person, who had sent him the Affirmations would ask him to destroy the copy."

R: "Finger prints. DNA. Litigious, vicious, corrupt organization. What is there to not understand? "

B: "Finger prints, maybe. But DNA doesn't show up in a scan. I mean Gerry could have first scanned the original and then uploaded the scan to the internet to have a definite proof for its authenticity."
I'll be checking the thread to see shallonymous in their stupendous "dox or STFU" farce again later on.

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