Sunday, February 8, 2009

No Privacy for Scientologists

Church of Scientology London: LONDON'S MOST POWERFUL CULT

If you are a Scientologist, then it seems that your privacy right is lifted and that you would be fair game for a group ironically calling itself "Anonymous" to gather your photo and name on the page above.

Anonymous also displays its "Docs or STFU" myth in unwarranted and false assertions in comments such as: "Note: Jett Travolta would be alive today, if he had been 'drugged' (medicated)."

It also displays its tremendous power for researched (Docs or STFU) in its logo:
  • "Mind-control" - debunked
  • "Unlicensed therapy" - debunked
  • "Hypnosis (auditing)" - debunked
  • "Stalking" - that's what Anonymous does - witness... the page above among other things
  • "kidnap" - that's what deprogrammers used to do, following the same philosophy Anonymous does
  • "Attacks on psychology" - that would be psychiatry instead, and so what?
  • "Extortion and more" - presumably all the people posted on that page would be guilty by association of extortion and other crimes... including numerous children.
Once more, Anonymous just demonstrates it is nothing to be taken seriously, and that it exceeds in many ways the ugliness it accuses Scientology of.

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