Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moderation Glitch

I received a whole bunch of spam this morning and this prompted me to go to the moderation page, and there I saw that there were about a dozen comments awaiting moderation for quite some time and about which I had not received a copy in my email.

Normally I moderate from my Google mail only, because I receive the request there and can accept or reject it from there. I don't know why I did not receive a copy for those that where awaiting there on the moderation page, whether this was a glitch in Google or whether the comments were eaten by the spam filter.

My apologies for this. From now on I will check that page every day in addition to what I receive on my mail box.

I am also considering lifting the moderation all together as the spam and off-topic problem has not been too bad since I started. I just need to set aside some time to think about how to proceed and whether or not I really want to switch to that mode (probably yes).

Sorry again. I will email those I can identify but can do nothing for those who are anonymous other than just posting this.

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