Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ministry Won't Delist Scientology Website

Ministry won't delist scientology website - Report Card

On Jan. 13, I posted about Anonymous finding out that the UN shop was selling the book, "Youth for Human Right", Flooded the shop with calls and email, and got it to put it down, at least online.

This time around, they were not as successful:

The B.C. Education Ministry says it has no plan to delist a reference to a scientology website from two of its teaching guides. [...]

The link remains and the teaching guides -- one for Social Justice 12 and one for K-12 called Making Space - will continue to list YHRI as a supplementary resource, the ministry says. [...]

The fact that YHRI is included in official teaching guides "doesn't constitute ministry endorsement of the website, nor of the organization," the ministry stated.

Note, however, that even the news outlet does not give in automatically in the cry-wolf comments that automatically follow any mention of Scientology in a news article, as it writes:

(The debate over scientology - religion or cult? - is obviously a hot one. I'm not able to get a lawyer's ruling on the accusations that are flooding in as comment so in some cases, I'm just not posting. Also, several people have tried to post a lengthy Penthouse interview with Ron Hubbard Jr. It's too long, post a link instead.)

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