Thursday, February 5, 2009

Small House Big Controversy

Phoenix News - Will the L. Ron Hubbard House Turn a Camelback Neighborhood Into a Scientology Recruitment Mecca? - page 1 - Phoenix New Times:
"On a recent December Sunday, on a still street nestled against Camelback Mountain, a party is in full swing at the L. Ron Hubbard House. It's meant to be a holiday open house, to show off the stunning renovation of the simple brick dwelling where Hubbard founded Scientology a half-century ago, and to smooth relations with neighbors, some of whom have lately been up in arms about plans to turn the house into a Scientology museum."
Long article about a big controversy for such a small house. Neighbors don't want Scientology in their midst. Jacobsen quoted extensively - just the usual bigoted routine.

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scarlettscion said...

Well, on the one hand, most Scientologists are not more or less good neighbors than anyone else. On the other hand, if they make it into a museum--what if the museum trashes psychiatry? If I were a shrink living nearby I'd feel damn uncomfortable with that sort of violent rhetoric a few houses down the way. Also the SO members, if they move in, can be just as annoying as door to door Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons. OTOH, being annoying never killed anyone.