Monday, December 8, 2008

New Propaganda Video from Anonymous

Check out Anonymous new propaganda video that refers to Scientology beliefs as "garbage" and to Anonymous as the "Guardians of the Internet", no less...

It claims that:

"Since January, over 9000 Anonymous in over 140 cities worldwide have staged monthly protests"

This is false. While there may have been close to 9,000 anons in the Feb. and Mar. protests indeed, this number has now dwindled down to probably around 1,000. It is thus false and manipulative to make it sound as if the high numbers of Feb. and Mar. have persisted every month. Of course, Anonymous will claim that "over 9000" is just an Internet joke but this by itself is manipulative because it is presented in a serious context.

Anonymous claims their protests is working and that people should check their stats. Of course they do not refer to the disastrous stats of the crashing down numbers of protesters. Instead, they "steal" various events, basically claiming that they are the result of their protests, whereas most of the time there is no proof to that whatsoever and it is even unlikely. For example:
  • Jason Beghe - I have not seen anywhere his defection was the result of Anonymous protests - docx?
  • David Graham - I have not seen anywhere that his defection was the result of Anonymous protests - docx?
  • James Parker - I have not seen anywhere that him leaving Scientology was the result of Anonymous protests - docx?
  • Anonymous featured in the press - there has been quite a few articles in the press during the initial protests for Feb. and Mar. then gradually the press lost interest and nowadays Anonymous is almost universally ignored by the media. Taken as a whole, a study of lexis has shown that the number of results for Scientology has remained pretty constant over the past three years in spite of the temporary surge of press at the start of Anonymous
  • "More journalist now have the power to write anti-Scientology stories without fear of retribution" - unsubstantiated opinion..
  • Bookathon stats - I was unable to confirm this claim, though Anonymous certainly did systematically stalk bookathon events.
  • Shut down org in Belgium - I have not heard of such. Authorities have raided and indicted the CoS in Belgium, and I believe the case is still on going., but the case against Scientology in Belgium was started long before Anonymous was on the scene.
  • Reject application restraining order - not true. Angry Gay Pope and Gregg Housh have both been served with restraining order within a week in October.
Follows a litany of allegation against the CoS claiming they are getting desperate. Among which the "accusing handicapped critic of assault" one about which I already blogged last June. They also accuse the CoS of "distributing lie-filled fake anonymous flyers" - ironic for an organization like Anonymous whose purpose is just that. Even the claim that the CoS is getting desperate is a projection, as Anonymous have turned their stance of martyrdom to a ridiculous level.

More funny bloating: "We are the greatest opposition the Cult of Scientology has ever faced" - yeah right... Scientology fenced with the IRS and various governments but a few goons dancing in front of orgs is the greatest opposition... In this respect I like to quote one of my favorite quote, made by an OG:

"After all, how could a bunch of teenagers who'd never heard of Scientology until a few months ago possibly not easily destroy an organisation which has been around for decades, with tens of thousands of dedicated grownup members and many millions of dollars in the bank? "Piece of cake", as Lafayette R. Hubbard would say. Sorry, I may have misplet 'cake'."

Anonymous hope to tags among the tens of millions new students joining Universities all over the world next month, but I doubt they will have anymore success than their failed black op 8-8-8 or big "over 9000 Anon March" that was supposed to be the epitony of all protests and was another resounding flop.

Even as of now, this propaganda video has been viewed only 204 times only. Compare that to the 2 millions of the initial video... Ok give it a bit of time, maybe they'll reach 2,000 - but even that I doubt. By no mean Anonymous is the mass movement it was for a couple of month at the beginning.

Read also the "more information" on that video, and the ludicrous, overblown and paranoid claims of "Crimes, Human Rights Violations and Deaths perpetrated by this sinister and dangerous cult".

Oh my...

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Fredric said...

Hey, cunt, when you can find anything that Anonymous or the ARSCC says that's inaccurate or "sadly mistaken," you'll let us know, won't you, cunt? Thanks.