Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anonymous Pulls CoS Book Out of Shop

UN is selling Co$-PR. UPDATE: LOL NOT ANYMORE (at least online) - Why We Protest | Activism Forum

Anonymous found out that the UN shop was selling what is probably a CoS front group book, "Youth for Human Right" . Flood of calls and email to put it down, which the UN does, at least online.

My question is- isn't that a free speech abuse?

What would be the reason to ask then to put it down?

Everybody on WWP of course automatically agrees that this is bad bad bad, but I have not seen what is the argument for it.

If a Christian group publishes a book dealing with Human Rights, should it be banned too?

The UN shop website has in fact very few items.

One of it is entitled "1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World".

Is it OK for this book to be sold and not the Human Right one of the CoS? Why?

What about if the Muslim book would be called "1001 Inventions: L. Ron Hubbard Heritage in Our World"?

What if another book they sell, "Doing Business 2008" was published by Wise, another CoS front group? Would it be reason enough to make a scandal and ask the UN shop to pull it out right away?

I am only pondering...

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