Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Censorship at WhyWeProtest.net?

You will remember that, among many other things, enturbulation.org admins were involved in editing posts against the knowledge and consent of the posters, and that they also had an SP list of people towards whom they would run a "miserable user" script.

Now I find something fishy at WhyWeProtest.net too.

Some time ago, a poster there made a post asking if anybody knew about the high ranking ex-member who let a commentary on my blog, and which I blogged about here.

The URL for that post used to be "http://forums.whyweprotest.net/15-media/high-ranking-defector-speaks-out-36057/"

However, if you now click on that URl, you will get to another post.

The original post can still be found with a different URL:


The claim made in the original post, that "It's a repost of Ask the Scientologist: Scientology's Leader, Miscavige, Is a Failure from August 2nd. " is false. These are two different posts, even if the style is similar.

Apparently, the two threads were "merged", whatever this means.

A poster pointed quite rightly :"This is a new story/blog and has nothing to do with the OP of the thread it was merged with. Unmerge plox? "

But the admin disagrees: "Disregard plox. Thread was reported for merging, didn't read it thoroughly but the OPs are similar. Unmerged."

I too found the post of August 2 and mentioned it in my post, but Thoughful, the author of the comment, claimed the post he made as a comment on my blog in December was the first one.

Even if the August 2 post was from him also, why merge the two just because they are similar? Why prevent people from reading the second one and redirect to the first one instead?

It's illogical, and it also is a form of censorship. They are preventing people to read the two posts, that, even though the style is similar, contain different information.

Critics are also notorious for not liking to link to my web site, and this may also be a further form of disguised censorship.

There is no reason to "merge" the two posts just because the style is similar, especially since this is not a merge but simply redirecting the original URL to the other post.

Anonymous should really "unmerge" them.

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