Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obama to Close Guantanamo

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Obama to act early on Guantanamo: "Barack Obama will issue an executive order within days of entering the White House to close the Guantanamo detention centre, senior advisers have confirmed."

I am delighted to hear that.

This came as a good and refreshing news after I read about the press conference of *&(@#*^Bush that made me fall off of my chair of incredulity.

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Rebecca Hartong said...

I did think of you when I heard Bush's claim that most of the world thinks the United States hasn't lost any moral standing. I even said it out loud: "What?!? He needs to talk to my Belgian friend, Bernie, if he want a taste of what people in other parts of the world think of us!" But, according to Bush, you're just one of those "European elitists", so your opinion doesn't count.