Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tory Chrisman Proves CoS Not Against Seizure Medications

(Tip of the hat to Monica Pignotti for pointing this out in her blog.)

Tory Christman claims that she was ordered off from her seizure medication by the CoS but she forgets to say that such illegal orders were promptly overturned by higher CoS authorities, and that for the 30 years she was in the Scientology she was allowed to take her medicine, as confirmed by her 2003 affidavit.

You will hear from the press allegations that Tory Christman, a notorious anti-Scientologist, claims she was ordered off her seizure medications by the Church of Scientology and that she nearly died - something that is presented as a "proof" by anti-Scientologists that this is really what the Scientology teaches. Innuendoes, of course, directed at the tragic death of Jett Travolta.

Unfortunately for Tory Christman (also known as Tory Bezazian, or Magoo), she made in 2001 an affidavit, that she revised in 2003, where she states the exact opposite.

Notwithstanding what she may proclaim today, this affidavit is one of the best proof, if there was, that Scientology does not require people to abandon their seizure medicines if these are necessary.

Reading this affidavit, you will see that indeed some zealous young Scientologist told her that she could not be in Sea Organization if on meds, and she was given a leave to stop them. She tried but could not. She was routed off staff with a huge debt. However, L. Ron Hubbard himself canceled this absurd decision (at least partly) and told her to get back on line and get auditing. He never said she should lay her medications off as a condition! She went up all the way to OT 7 while everybody knew perfectly well that she was on full seizure medications!

Speak about "being ordered to stop her meds", when L. Ron Hubbard himself didn't ask her to do it, knowing full well of the situation!

She spent a freaking 30 years in Scientology after this incident, going up the bridge and working on staff, all the while people being fully aware, as is also clear through that affidavit, that she was epileptic and taking medication for it!

In 1989 (that's three years after Hubbard's death), she was told by another fool (a 15 years-old boy for God sake!) that she was not allowed on Flag Land Base to do her OT 4, presumably because of her epileptic condition. This decision was again overturned by a higher authority within the Church of Scientology, giving her full clearance to go all the way up the bridge while still being on medication!!! This authority even sent all the fools who told her otherwise back to revise their material!

So, Christman's own affidavit totally contradicts any claims that she was ordered off her medication. Some ignorant young fools, did, but these decision were systematically overturned by the proper authorities in the church.

If anything, that affidavit is quite on the contrary a good example that the claims Scientology prevents people to take medicine against seizure are absolutely false!

Now you can watch what she is now saying in the press, or what others are saying on her behalf, and compare it with her own affidavit!

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