Sunday, January 11, 2009

Magoo Censorship

The following message was posted on Magoo's youtube page:
Tory Christman claims that she was ordered off her seizure medication by the CoS but she forgets to say that such illegal orders were promptly overturned by higher CoS authorities, and that for the 30 years she was in Scientology she was allowed to take her anti-seizure medicine, as confirmed by her 2003 affidavit.

Tory Christman affidavit is the best proof there is that Scientology is not against seizure medicines where needed.

Google "Tory Christman" affidavit 2003
The message was deleted! So it was reposted, with request for Magoo that she comments the allegation. Her "answer" was to delete all such messages and ban the user!

Another poster confirmed that this is what Magoo does:
I too have had my messages either deleted or blocked by Magoo. Seems she only allows those who agree with her to speak.

I'm not a Scientologist but came upon her video, thinking it was one of genuine sympathy.but, instead, found a lecture to John Travolta.

She wrote to me saying that if I'd lost hundreds of friends then I would understand to which I replied on her comment page, that I'd lost enough loved ones to allow me to have empathy with a bereaved father, a quality her video lacks. In fact, thr video comes across as self-serving and pious, a lecture wrapped in the giuse of a sympathy message.. i asked how she expected John Travolta, a grief-stricken parent, to listen to her message, when even I find its timing sickening.

That message was deleted and I can only assume that all future posts were blocked. So much for free speech!
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Monica Pignotti said...

What a shame and how hypocritical that someone who was outspoken in her allegations that Scientology suppresses freedom of speech, bans people who disagree with and challenge her. It also amazes me how she and some other ex-Scientologists and critics blindly accept the statements that people who died "too young" who were in Scientology died because of Scientology. For many of them, there is simply no evidence that this was the case. It is a sad fact of human existence that many people do die too young for reasons having nothing to do with the CofS.
I have to say that the response to this tragedy from so many ex-Scientologists and other prominent anti-cultists will, I predict, put the final nail in the coffin as far as credibility of the Anti-Scientology movement is concerned. The movement has never been very successful to begin with, but this will finish it off. The degree of self-delusion some of these people have that Scientology is going to close its doors any second now because of their activism, is truly breathtaking and shows how out of touch with reality some of these people are.
Look at the outcry of many people from the public (and it doesn't sound like most are Scientologists) against the tremendous intrusions into the Travolta's lives and nasty insinuations that are being made about them. Check out the responses on Anderson Cooper's Blog. The responses are overwhelmingly that the Travolta family should be left alone.
Lisa Marie Presley said it best. Now is certainly not the time to be using this tragedy as a way to attack Scientology. It is going to backfire, big time, I predict, and bring Scientology a great deal of public sympathy and maybe even support. I have never been more ashamed to have had my name associated with anti-Scientology than I am at this time.

Bernie said...

The fact that she chose to "answer" legitimate questions regarding the inconsistency between the statements she gives to the press and her own affidavit by simply deleting the comments and banning the authors is also a clear demonstration that the big lie she engages into currently is done willfully and consciously.

I think she is crazy. Nobody in his/her right mind would engage in such a suicidal behavior. Mark Bunker should go an rescue her, drag her to a psychiatrist.