Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tory Christman Has Gone Completely Nuts

Scientology ‘in denial’ of illness, says Travolta’s mentor - Times Online
"THOUSANDS of members of the Church of Scientology may be suffering from untreated mental and neurological conditions, according to a former follower who taught John Travolta, the Hollywood star."
Magoo's documented lie is now spreading to "thousands of members who may be suffering form untreated mental and neurological conditions". Where will it end?
"Sufferers are told to cure themselves with vitamins and saunas while it is denied that they have problems such as epilepsy or autism, said Tory Christman, now a fierce critic of the church. "
Tory was allowed to take her anti-seizure medicine for the 30 years she was online and on staff at the CoS, but that does not seem to disturb her in the least to claim that sufferers are told to cure themselves with vitamins while denied that they have problems such as epilepsy...

I am worried for Tory. I think she lost all sense of proportion and truth. Does it not disturb her even a little bit that such gross lies will come and bite her in the face once people find the truth about it?
"Christman left after suffering epileptic fits, culminating in a seizure which caused her to fall in the bath, knocking out her front teeth."
Untrue. She stayed another 30 years after this episode. Tory was told by an unqualified staff to stop her medication in 1972, according to her own affidavit. After L. Ron Hubbard himself partly reversed the decision, she spent another freaking 30 years online and on staff at the Church of Scientology. She certainly did not leave after suffering epileptic fits unless you want to completely blank out 30 years of active involvement in the CoS, going all the way up to OT7 while still allowed to take her medication...

It seems that Tory did indeed black out these 30 years... Incredible...
"Fellow Scientolo-gists refused to accept that she had a “real” illness, insisting that she work harder studying the teachings of the church’s founder, L Ron Hubbard, the science fiction writer, she said. "
That may or may not have been the case for the unqualified staff who may have told her that in 1972, but what she forgets to say is that this decision was reversed. What she forget to say is that another similar decision taken in 1989 by a 15 years old boy (!!!) was also reversed by the proper CoS authorities and the boy and his friends were sent to cramming.

I think that Mark Bunker, Tory's friend, should tell her to stop making this kind of allegations to the press, or better still, bring her to a psychiatrist urgently. This is forever going to follow Tory Christman, alias Magoo, and is going to discredit whatever else she said. She has gone completely nuts.

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Monica Pignotti said...

She has been on staff at Celebrity Center, so my guess is that she may have been a course supervisor for Travolta at one time. This article
describes her as "Eventually, Tory was an ordained "minister" and worked as a trainer of new Scientology initiates, like John Travolta."
That certainly doesn't make her his "mentor". I have to blame the irresponsible media for this as well. It is highly irresponsible of them to report these kinds of things without checking their facts.