Friday, January 16, 2009

Jason Beghe Message to Anonymous - Grow Up!

New York - Jason Beghe to Anonymous: Grow Up - Runnin' Scared - Village Voice: "Since that game is over, they ought to create a new one."

I wrote earlier that I partly agree with Beghe when he advises Anonymous to drop their masks, but I also agree with him when he says: "Since that game is over, they ought to create a new one", and I think this new game is a deeper and more mature look into Scientology. I have been saying this for months already.

However, I still do not see that taking place. Quite on the contrary I continue to be aghast at the shallowness and cultishness of Anonymous. The last example, apart for the pubes, of course, is this one:

"Scientologists Targeting HIV-Positive Protesters" - Story spreading

And here we go!

Scientology Accused of Singling out HIV+ Protesters :: EDGE Boston
Scientologists Targeting HIV-Positive Protesters / Queerty
Scientology lobbying to restrict rights of HIV+ — Bearnaked Joe’s
$cientology’s unethical practices on its dissidents |

And some Scilon Spin-control

Another Look at Scientology: HIV+ Rumor Only a Rumor

In the blog entry referred to in this message above, I agreed that "If the CoS really obtained information from their private health records and were using this against them it would indeed be outrageous." but I questioned whether this has in effect been happening, and I cautioned against spreading a story based on rumors only.

What does Anonymous do? They call my blog entry "Scilon Spin-control" and then set out to spread the story without even having all the facts.

That's the kind of immature, childish, and cultish behavior I am talking about. They just don't care for the truth, as long as it makes Scientology look bad.

I thus fully concur with Beghe's message: Anonymous: Grow Up! If you can't switch to the higher gear, you will forever remain... anonymous.

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