Monday, February 2, 2009

Mary DeMoss

On January 30, 2009, Mark Bunker posted on his blog:
"I’m not posting a link to [Mary DeMoss] blog but it isn’t hidden. I’m sure by now most have found it. I would urge people to leave her be. "
I knew, reading this, that this was wishful thinking. It didn't take long before I saw a nasty attack on her using her blog, and worst even, her private life. Here it is:

This "formerly fooled", supposedly "out of the dark", is taking on her to admonish DeMoss on her private life, trying to link what DeMoss sincerely put out about her relationships, to Scientology. She even tries to use DeMoss son against her:
"Listen up, Mary Panton , lobbyist (aka Mary DeMoss). I'm Lobbying You.............. because that son of yours is no joke and someday he's going to read all about you on the internet and all that you've written on your blog and you need to be prepared to be held accountable to the little one you love, a tougher fish than big one that got away."
Is it just me and my deficient English or someone else also think that this type of behavior is abhorrent, from whichever side it comes?


M Pignotti said...

Bernie, I can assure you your English is just fine where this is concerned. "Out of the Dark" is Mary McConnell. She is anti-cult fanaticism at its very worst, IMHO. I too find her behavior towards Mary Panton abhorrent and took her to task on ARS for it as well where "Out of the Dark" had written:
***begin quote
"Mary Panton should post at OCMB so she can be tried by a jury of her former peers. Nothing wrong with that. Besides, I suspect that she's too much of a coward to this time to take up the offer."
***end quote
I responded:
Who are you to say that the small percentage of ex-Scientologists on
OCMB are representative of her "former peers"? I know people who have been out of the CofS for years who want nothing to do with OCMB or any form of anti-cult activism. She is under no obligation to answer to
"her former peers" on OCMB and whether she chooses to or not has
nothing to do with cowardice. I can only say that if I was newly out of Scientology and in her shoes and was reading all the trash people like you are talking about her, I wouldn't want to go anywhere near this less-than-inviting atmosphere. Who can blame her? That is why some ex-Scientologists prefer to reach out to less judgmental people
like Bernie.

Anonymous said...

Pot Kettle Black