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Armstrong Allege Video One

On Jan. 27 I wrote:

"That impression is further reinforced when you know that Armstrong himself once declared: "We don't have to prove a goddam thing. We don't have to prove sh-t. We just have to allege it.”"

People have rightly asked for the reference of this and the only thing I found was a 404 page. See my researches here. However, R.Hill did a better job than I and found the videos themselves. Not only that, he even found where on the tape Armstrong made the comments! Something that in all honesty should have been done by RoadRunner. So thanks R.Hill! You can find the post of R. Hill and his interpretation of the tape (that differs from mine) here.

From his comment:

"The first part is to be found in the 4th video, at 6m 40s [Google video time] on the following page:

The second part is to be found in the 1st video, at 9m 0s [Google video time] on the following page:"

It seems to me at first sight that the statement used by the CoS in their flyer is the one on the second tape (p13 above). However, that tape's sound is terrible. I may web it later on. In the meantime, I will web here the first one (p12), together with the comments I made on the fly, and that can be found here.

I find that first tape interesting because his allegations about just alleging seems more clear, and also he seems to say at the end something about the fact they can always allege it and claim that the CoS destroyed the documents... not sure about that last part, give it a ear yourself. If true then it would make his own claim about having destroyed the original even more dubious.

I am webbing here only the relevant 3 minutes starting at 4:50 of the original video. I adapted the counter references in the comments below to fit that extract, but I preserved the references of the original in parenthesis.

The sound is not very clear and I am not a native English speaker so I may miss something out of it but this is what I get from it. Others may hear better.

Note that the sound does not always seems synchronized with the image but later on it gets better.

0:00 (4:50 on original) - Rinder: "Now these guys need to have like a personal knowledge of this shit or what? I mean, for what I understand when you write an affidavit you gonna like find guys who have... "

GA: "do you have any personal knowledge?"

Rinder: "Some, some, but I don't know if..."


0:28 (5:16) rinder: "I rather not. I rather not. I mean, as soon as I, as soon as I would write an affidavit then that is gonna go somewhere with my name on it wherever it goes (inaudible)...

GA: "... (inaudible) fucking thing ... fuck ... affidavit ... so that they can be ... they are only allegations ... "

(Follows some angry rant from GA among others that the CoS want him dead.)

1:27 (06:12): Rinder "Do we have to find someone who has a certain knowledge of that in order to get an affidavit of those things?"

GA "how much they paid to this? [trying to kill him I guess] (inaudible)"

Rinder: "I don't know. I don't know that they did".

(something with attorney and that it would cost more...)

(Something GA says about Rinder being a board member and he can't find out even though he is on the board...)

Rinder: "OK, am not asking about where they can find out but whether they need to in order to be able to do this. You see what I am saying, it's like..."

2:10 (6:55). "THEY CAN ALLEGE IT!" (and very ironically pointing directly at the camera...). they can allege it, they don't even have... they can allege it".

(Rinder seems stunned and to look for words)

2:20 Rinder: " (inaudible) they don't have to have, you know, the documents (inaudible)

2:27 GA: "You can fucking say it's the organization destroyed the documents. The organization destroyed it. But you can simply say, you know, upwards of millions of dollars have been paid and fucking attach a God damned, if you attach Freedom and say that the whole thing is a crock of shit, you can, you know, a court has to look at that (inaudible), you know, the fact that, you know, how about, how about..."

Rinder: "(inaudible) mailing list, can you get mailing list?

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