Friday, December 19, 2008

alt.clearing.scientology Virtual Death

Phil Scott reports a sheer drop in traffic of alt.clearing.scientology, a newsgroup that once was thriving with Freezoners posts.

I am not sure about the other claims Phil is making in the same post (and one has to take them with reserve), but at least that particular one is easy to verify.

alt.clearing.scientology seems virtually dead indeed.

I am not familiar enough with the Freezone to know if the discussions have been carried to another forum, or if there is now a complete disinterest to pursue Scientology tech outside from the Church of Scientology.


pignotti said...

I don't have hard evidence for this, but based on my observations, although there are undoubtedly exceptions, many of the recent defectors from Scientology seem to be much more hard core anti-Scientologists who have completely rejected every aspect of it including the "tech". I've also noticed that some of the people who have called themselves "freezoners" in the past have assimilated more into the mainstream and even though they may still be practicing aspects of the Scientology tech, they no longer want to be identified as freezoners and don't hang out with them. Even some of the ones who do identify as FZers seem to be off doing their own thing rather than identifying as part of any group. There seems to be a real change with regard to attitudes of recent defectors. Most people I knew who defected during the 70s and 80s became freezoners (referred to as "Independents" in those days), but that doesn't seem to be the case these days. Perhaps the internet has been influential?

Truth said...

Bernie, always putting some type of Pro-Scientology spin on things.
Good thing your posts are mostly unread. One could make a living commenting on your comments. But because you are so pro-Scientology, no one cares.