Friday, December 19, 2008

Connor Cruise Debuts

Connor Cruise, Tom's adopted 13 years-old son who often watched him develop characters on movie sets, has now a supporting role in Will Smith’s film “Seven Pounds”, hitting theaters Friday.

The film itself is a mystery:
Smith said in an interview on the film: “People can’t know about it so we have to talk in code because we can’t say.” Apparently at the center of the mystery is a jellyfish, and that’s all Smith will reveal.
Update Dec 20: a kind commentator pointed out that the guy in the article photo, which I used, was not Connor Cruise - and he is right! Check out the real Connor Cruise here! Man, was that article I linked to wrong! Of course that explains why the guy on the photo does not look 13, as I commented. I now replaced the photo with one of the real Connor Cruise, and (hopefully ;-)) the real Will Smith. What is more, Connor Cruise is actually black! (He is an adopted son.) So no need for all the "they can edit anything to look like anything" BS! I now have taken that out from my blog entry.


Anonymous said...

Um, that's not Connor Cruise.

Bernie said...

Thanks, anonymous! I never saw Connor Cruise in photo so I was misled. No wonder the guy on the photo used in the article does not look 13! Thanks again :-) I now correct the blog entry.