Friday, December 19, 2008

John Duignan Acknowledge the Anonymous Effect

In his book, "The Complex", John Duignan acknowledges the effect Anonymous protests had in his defection from Scientology:
Scientology was firmly on the world agenda and as my confidence grew, an organisation called Anonymous emerged. [...]

Their mere existence has empowered me, and many others, to be even more vocal in exposing this abusive cult. They have given me huge strength and a new-found belief in the human race. The humanity and the sense of empathy I have gotten from these strangers, or as the Church of Scientology has described them 'cyber-terrorists', has been just gut wrenching for me. Each and every one of them who have contacted me, have expressed their disgust and shock at the conditions endured by staff and Sea Org members.

When I realised what the movement are doing and how powerful a force Anonymous have become I actually broke down and cried. They are taking a stand for me and for Scientology's victims like Alice* and Lisa McPherson, and for the countless others whose stories have not been told but whose lives have been destroyed by this evil cult

John also also falls for a few Anonymous myths, i.e. that they have become a powerful force, that the press is still interested in them, that they are human right activists, etc. But I cut out these myths from the above and won't comment further. For once Anonymous has some achievement they can brag about, let them have their field day!

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