Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Anonymous Threatens Scientologists and Their Family in Their Private Houses at Christmas

One of the three videos that were at the basis for Angry Gay Pope's ban on You Tube can now be seen on Vimeo. Entitled "Christmas with the Handlers", it consists of a movie made filming Scientologists' private houses, together with their addresses being posted on the same video, and their car plates being filmed.

Once more, I fail to see how this constitutes any form of "peaceful protests" and how it is going to do any good in improving Anonymous' image.

Back in July, Anonymous was already speaking of going to picket their "handlers'" company. In that particular case, it seemed to me the guy was no "handler" at all but just a Scientologist having a friendly talk with anons (compare this with what AGP calls "just conversation").

Even if this Scientologist and others were "handlers" indeed, it would still not justify this kind of outright stalking and invitation to violence that threatens individuals and their family right in the middle of what should be a peaceful familial gathering and celebration of peace on earth...

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Monica Pignotti said...

The video is chilling. I'm not surprised it was banned. It really shows that some anti-Scientologists have become what they're fighting. What this will do is make the public more sympathetic to Scientology.