Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tom Turns Back Time

"he's not "lost a bit of weight" - he's looking gaunt and drawn. Makeup didn't do a great job hiding his paleness, and his sweater didn't do a great job of hiding his shrunken frame"
I quite disagree with this assessment. Of course, through the looking glass of hatred, anything will look ugly no matter how beautiful.

OK - some people sincerely dislike TC, Scientology or not, and that's perfectly legitimate.

But common! Even if you dislike him, you've got to admit that the before and after his slimming down is amazing. Stunning, even. Most people can never get back their youth shape after passing their 30's, and here you have this 46-years old guy almost looking younger and better than ever...

Both with his latest film and in real life, Tom turns back time indeed...

Here is a picture taken from his Valkyrie premiere (left), and one taken of him last year (right)!

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