Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Angry Gay Pope and Jeff Jacobsen Forced Down the Tube

YouTube banned Angry Gay Pope (AGP) after he apparently violated YouTube's terms of service three times in less than six months. At the same time, Jeff Jacobsen received the first of three warnings as well, and has been forced to pull down one of his videos.

Critics don't explicitely say the reason (maybe they don't precisely know it either) but it may have something to do with restraining orders.

Indeed, AGP writes in the post quoted above:
Although the videos are just conversations the cult has a restraining order against me over the incidents. That means they qualify as "harassment" by legal standards and that violates YouTube's terms of service.
What AGP qualifies as "just conversations", is, I believe, the video about which I blogged about back in July 7, and which I already qualified as "harassment and stalking" at the time. It seems like the courts agreed with that assessment later on. It may be that since the video has been considered as proof enough to justify a restraining order (and this is far from being the only "peaceful-protests-just-conversation" AGP did, as I blogged about on Nov 30), it is now illegal to post it on YouTube.

Jacobsen's video may fall under the same reason, though I fail to see how it qualifies either as Moxon being "dissed", as Jeff claims (on the contrary I think Moxon is coming out good), or as something illegal. They do speak about "restraining order" in that video, though, which makes me think it may have something to do with a reason similar as the one AGP talk about above.

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