Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stalking Scientologists - Precedents

I blogged today about Anonymous filming private residences of Scientologists while also posting their addresses.

Back in 1999, a similar incident happened in which Kady O'Malley posted photos of Helena Kobrin's home and that of other Scientologists. She also suggested her intend to produce maps to direct others to these homes, and provided a link to considerable personal information that has been posted about Kobrin around the same time.

O'Malley later pulled off the page from the web but never published the apology she supposedly made privately to Kobrin (having seen the extend Kady is willing to go (claiming I pulled off a page which I never even created) in a lame attempt to justify the arbitrary ban she and her buddies imposed on me on their pet "free speech" IRC channel, I have reasons to doubt her truthfulness).

No later than three days ago, I made a blog entry about Anonymous "peacefully picketing" a Christmas party attended by Scientologists and their children.

Monica Pignotti also commented how anons on ARS "were encouraging people to go to a Toyota dealership where a recently departed ex-Scientologist is working and videotape him, presumably as a way to pressure him to go public about his experience as a top-ranking SO member".

This type of behavior is exactly what brought Keith Henson in trouble with the law. Henson wasn't just indicted for "peacefully protesting" or for making a Cruise missile joke. For days on end he followed Scientologists from their work place to their home, wrote down their address which was then used by Arnie Lerma to send them unwanted mail, took their pictures, wrote down their plate numbers, followed them with signs accusing them of killing their own companions who died in a tragic accident...

I am sorry but these examples, together with the incident I just reported, are not just "peaceful protests" to me. This is one of the things that is being discussed at the Riverside County, where supervisors are talking of imposing a 300 feet perimeter from a person's residence in which protesters could not enter.

PS - Check also how critics reacted vehemently back in 1997 at the simple suggestion they maybe could observe a Christmas Truce. I am sure they view themselves as "dedicated in their human right activism". To more cool-minded onlookers, however, they would appear instead as every bit as fanatical as the brainwashed cultists they supposedly are trying to help.

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