Thursday, December 11, 2008

Double Bind

Scientology will follow him everywhere, it seems. "If I don't talk about it," Cruise said, "it's, 'What is he hiding?' If I do, it's, 'He's proselytising.' "
The sentence comes from Cruise's interview in Toronto, promoting his new upcoming movie, Valkyrie.

Through another newspaper referring to the interview, we learn a bit more about what prompted Germany to change its mind about the movie:
"A lot of the German government resistance was blown out of proportion," maintained Cruise this week. "Understandably, they wanted us to do justice to the subject. And after they read the script, they decided we were going to."

"I feel like I have been through it all before," he said. "And every time, I still think, ‘Well, OK, but I still want to make movies.' "
Reuters also quotes Cruise from various interviews:
Cruise called the incident on Winfrey's show, "My year of jumping dangerously," in a comedic reference to "The Year of Living Dangerously," a novel turned into a 1982 movie.

On the Lauer interview, Cruise told People, "All I want is to help people. I could have communicated it in a way that was better, no question."
People, for its part, features the actor in photos spanning his entire 25 years as a movie star in an issue coming out Friday.

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