Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tom Cruise on a BlitzKrieg

Tom Cruise is on BlitzKrieg, all out promoting his film.

He should attend Jay Leno's new moved to prime time show today (Thursday), he recently was featured in the 10 Most Fascinating people of 2008, gave a series of interview in Toronto, foreseen to appear on the cover of People Magazine Friday (tomorrow), already was featured with Katie on the New York Times T-Magazine, and is also scheduled to appear on the 'today' show next Monday (with Matt Lauer!).


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Unknown said...

WOW is right. Mr. Cruise must be getting desperate to get people to go to his latest movie. Apparently he's even telling all his fellow Scientologists to "go to the movie".

Every day, there are also several Suri and Tom stories in the news. Could Mr. Cruise be so desperate to sell his movie, that is getting bad reviews, that he is using his two-year old daughter to improve his public image and sell tickets? Sometimes desperation is the mother of absurdity.